Tina Nguyen

✺ Self

Tina Nguyen is a digital designer interested in making meaningful experiences that are enjoyable, easy-to-understand, and prompt reflection. 

✺ Work

Currently, I am working with a co-founder to establish a small fashion and objects boutique in Brooklyn.

Additionally, I am open to short-term or part-time freelance product design projects in Q1 and Q2 2023. Let’s work together!

Previously, I was a lead designer and researcher at Nava PBC, an agency that aims to improve government services. I designed e-commerce at Moda Operandi, and enterprise software at Microsoft (PowerApps). I’ve also spent time at Amazon, startups, and various consulting companies.

✺ Interests

• Entrepreneurship (Independent boutiques)
• Technology (accessibility, societal impact, and infrastructure)
• Home cooking
• Identity (Californian-Viet and Asian), diaspora
• Writing, film, and art
• Peer mentorship

✺ Projects

tinatalk: irregular newsletter with current musings, collages, fit pics, and introspection
tinatalk tv: rare episodes
tinataste: a collection of my regular recipes
Tina’s 2022 Movie Reviews
Sci Fi Book Club (est. 2019)
• Your House Film Club (est. 2020)
Tina’s Annual Books
• AncestryandMe (SFPC, 2021)
• Code Societies (SFPC, 2020)

Photo by Paula Codoñer