✺ Interests

• Entrepreneurship (independent boutiques)
• Photography and writing (art)
• Home cooking and fitness
• Fashion (casual hobby)
• Identity and diaspora (Vietnamese)
• Film and reading
• Peer mentorship
• Technology (accessibility, societal impact)

Education has been one of the most rewarding activities in my adult life. Here are some classes I’ve taken:
Code Societies at SFPC, taught by Melanie Hoff, Neta Bomani, & Emma Norton (2020)
AncestryandMe at SFPC, taught by American Artist and Zainab Aliyu (2021)
Designing Spaces for Humans (architecture) at Index Space, taught by Sharon Leung
Video Creator Course (vlogging and creative process) at ilovecreatives, taught by Rachel Nguyen and Jenn Im
Creative Nonfiction Writing 101 at Gotham Writers Workshop with Rachel Simon
Machine Knitting at Textile Arts Center
Summer Venture in Management Program at Harvard Business School

Photo by Paula Codoñer